CISIS, ISIS and the RCMP. Stephen Harper’s Terrorist Connections

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– Walt McGinnis

The Prime Minister of Canada,  Stephen Harper is trying to ram Bill C 51 through the Federal Parliament. Masquerading as legislation to fight terrorism Bill C 51 has been labeled as the most repressive set of laws ever proposed in Canadian history. At the same time  revelations by the Turkish Government indicate  Harpers Jordanian Embassy   collaborated with  ISIS, an organization labeled as terrorists by the Harper government. The Turkish government claim that the Canadian Embassy in Jordan  aided  the trafficking of British born children and at least 17 others into the hands of ISIS, in the middle of a war zone, in Syria.

Instead of fighting terrorism it appears that Harper is helping to create terrorist organizations which he can use to scare Canadians into accepting Draconian laws like Bill C51. What is happening is right out of a  Public Relations Firm  play-book. It is Problem-Reaction-Solution time.

First,  the problem was created as Harper used Canada’s spies to help build the terrorist group ISIS.  The reaction, Canadians are gripped with fear ,then  the solution, Harper is offering a plan to protect Canadians from terrorism with Bill C-51.

One could wonder what special skills a CSIS agent had that led to his appointment as an Ambassador but let’s set this and several other astonishing events aside for now and examine one issue, Harpers connections to international terrorism .

The Ottawa Citizen   has reported that the man who was recently caught by Turkish police trafficking British born girls between Turkey and Syria and into the hands of ISIS was CSIS agent Mohammad Al Rashed. Reports claim Al Rashed reported to Bruno Saccomani, Harpers personal security guard who he appointed as the Ambassador to Jordan in 2013.

The chain of command is quite clear.  CSIS agent Al Rashed reported to  Ambassador Saccomani who reported to Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Harper appointed  Saccomani who in turn recruited Al Rashed.

One might assume it is case closed, Harper will resign in shame and Canadians will finally get back on track rebuilding a fragile democracy.

The question now is, are there enough remnants of free speech left in this country to expose the lies and deceit that will lead to stopping Bill C51 and to getting rid of Harper, once and for all? One could also ask is this just one of several schemes Mr Harper and company have been up to?

Canadians are in the midst of a governance crisis of a magnitude never seen before in this country. If Canadians all get together and if everyone concerned about human rights speak out and if the leaders of Canada’s newsrooms have the intestinal fortitude to step up and tell the truth for a change,  we could  hound Harper out of office  and  advert a full on neo-fascist government.

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